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Redskins to Widen Stadium HD Displays

It may be the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints that are heading for next week's Super Bowl in Miami, but at least the hapless Washington Redskins — who haven't gotten anywhere near playoff contention in recent memory — will have a bigger, brighter HD screen in their stadium to help perk up fans by the start of next season (along with a new coach and GM).

Well, two larger HD screens, actually, situated above each end zone.

Each of the team's two 13 year-old end zone signage areas currently consist of five panels of equal size — with only one panel in each signage area dedicated to video content. (The other four panels on each end serve as billboards, scoreboards, and advertising space.)

The new configurations to be built within the same-sized display areas at side of the field will consist of HD screens that are three times as wide (and slightly higher) than the original screens — expanding to 30 ft. by 100 ft., according to The Washington Post.

Only one scoreboard and a billboard will book-end the wider HD screens above both end zones.