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Rebranding with Pixel Power's LogoVision

Pixel Power, supplier of broadcast playout solutions with integrated graphics, announced that The Genuine Gemstone Company, owners of Gems TV, GemsXtra and Jewelry Maker, has turned to Pixel Power broadcast graphics technology to facilitate an innovative onscreen rebranding and provide a significant increase to the graphics updating speed.

The company recently launched a U.S. channel — Rocks TV — which is carried on DirecTV and Dish Network. In the UK, the three market-leading channels are carried on Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.

As shopping channels, they are reliant upon the onscreen graphics to provide an inviting look and feel, one that provides both vital information and encourages viewers to purchase. The technology powers all onscreen text, complete product details, bugs — the list goes on. The increase in the update speed has the potential for a greater number of sales per hour, therefore increasing revenue.

The company has installed three high-end LogoVision 3D systems and has also bought PixelPrep 3D software, which provides offline layout editing and creation. The company has already been using Pixel Power Clarity technology for tickers and stills.