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‘Reality Check’ first film shot with JVC ProHD camera

Director Geoff Cox uses two GY-HD101E ProHD cameras to shoot “Reality Check.”

“Reality Check” is the first film to be shot with JVC’s GY-HD101E ProHD cameras.

Directed by Geoff Cox and produced by Cox’s Tempo Pictures, an Australian independent production company, the movie is being shot entirely in HD and on location on the Gold Coast.

Cox bought two GY-HD101E ProHD cameras after being introduced to them by JVC’s Brisbane distributor ProVisual.

The GY-HD101E is a full resolution ProHD progressive camcorder with interchangeable lenses. It uses three 1/3in CCD image sensors, each featuring an array of 1280x720 pixels (approximately 1 mega pixel), with micro lenses. Eliminating the need for image scaling, its native resolution matches that of most HDTV displays. In addition, the GY-HD101E provides real-time playback in all major DTV formats, allowing easy conversion of recorded data to other formats.

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