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RCN-TV turns to FOR-A

RCN-TV in Colombia has purchased and installed the FOR-A HANABI HVS-500HS switcher and FA-9000 signal processor in its mobile production truck.

RCN-TV is one of the largest private TV channels in Colombia and reaches 97 percent of the Colombian population through 13 stations.

Before installing the HVS-500HS, RCN-TV was using a highly complex production system, akin to those used for feature films, to record scenes for its telenovelas. The use of such specialized equipment added unnecessarily to production costs. The compact and self-contained design of the HVS-500HS switcher not only simplified production, it reduced overall costs and allowed RCN to better use its much larger production equipment.

The FA-9000 frame synchronizer in the production truck allows crews to synchronize all cameras and videotape recorders being used on the set. The upconverter function of the FA-9000 is used often when there is a need to upconvert an SD source to HD. The unit also features an extensive array of additional functions such as a downconverter, color corrector, median-based noise reduction, logo generator and a Dolby E decoder in a compact 1RU size.