Rachel Ray Does Halloween in 3D

NEW YORK: The Rachael Ray Show is going 3D for Halloween. “Rach’s Halloween Bash in 3-D” will be telecast this Friday using a process from Westbury, N.Y.’s 3-D Vision. The program will be the first in the commercial realm to use the company’s FullColor 3D technology, the vendor said.

“The show will be viewable in full-color and in 3D on all existing TV sets, 2D and 3D, thanks to a new type of 3D glasses which will be given away to over 2.4 million viewers in the Oct. 25 issue of ‘TV Guide Magazine,’” 3-D Vision said.

The FullColor 3D glasses are said to use patented brightness and color filters, even as the company says its process “eliminates previous 3DTV problems by providing full-color images.” Compatibility with “all existing TV sets,” indicates it’s likely color-filtered anaglyph technology. How FullColor3D compares to traditional anaglyph, in which opposite hues are filtered, is not clear. 3-D Vision’s Web site is still under construction. Principal of the company is optic pioneer and 3D entrepreneur Gene Dolgoff.

Another application being used on the Halloween special involves conversion. 3-D Vision’s Auto 3-D is said to allow 3D conversion to be completed “in a short time at a reasonable cost.” “The Rachel Ray” show took three computer operators two weeks to convert, the company said.