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QVC Shops For Leitch Equipment

Leitch Technology has supplied a Genesis interface modular system and CCS Pilot software for home shopping channel QVC’s new digital control room.

CCS Pilot, which provides tools to configure, control, monitor and secure access to all CCS-enabled and third party devices on a network, will remotely control and monitor the Genesis equipment over a LAN. Leitch clock and control units were also part of the installation.

The equipment, set up in QVC control room “B,” will work with the main control room “A” so that in the event of an emergency, the station can stay on-air or resume broadcasting. “B” will also act as the main control room when “A” is refurbished.

An existing Leitch VR300 video server system, used for overnight transmission playout and daytime replays, was expanded and now provides 14 channels and additional storage. Fiber optic cable connects the new servers to an existing raid array in a different building.