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Quinnipiac University turns to Sony for HD teaching environment

Quinnipiac University's new HD studio features three Sony HDC-910 studio cameras.

Quinnipiac University is providing students with a training ground for future broadcast production with a newly constructed, fully digital high-definition TV studio that features an array of Sony HD broadcast equipment.

The technology is installed in the university's Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center in Hamden, CT. The center prepares students for broadcasting careers in news, sports, dramatic programming and documentary production. Using the new technology, students and faculty will explore the academic, creative and practical aspects and applications of the emerging HD workflow.

The new studio features three Sony HDC-910 studio cameras, an HDW-730S HDCAM camcorder for field acquisition, an MVS-8000A 2 M/E video production switcher with four channels of digital video effects, an HDWS-2000 studio VTR, an HDSX-3600 HD routing switcher and a DMX-R100 digital audio mixing board.

The studio will be primarily used for 1080i HD projects. While new projects will originate in HD, the Sony switcher and router will also be used for full compatibility with legacy 4:3 standard-definition content to provide interoperability with archival material and imported content.

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