Quantum Lattus Foundation for Crawford Content Repository

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Crawford Media Services has created a content repository that is using Quantum’s Lattus object storage system for the migration of legacy content to digital formats and provides media storage and management. Lattus has been integrated with Crawford’s existing archive approach to create the company’s second-generation managed archive, Amber.


The Lattus can hold 1.2 petabytes of archived assets as well as content ingested during new projects. The system also offers what is described as self-healing and self-migration capabilities to preserve the integrity of media files and infinite incremental scaling.

Quantum’s Artico archive appliance was also deployed with the Lattus system. This incorporated Quantum’s StorNext data management to move content to and from Lattus automatically while maintaining full access to the files. StorNext also enables to the company to write to tape for its clients.