Quantum Corp. Unveils Quantum Advantage Program

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Quantum Corp. has announced the Quantum Advantage Program, a platform that allows partners to test and qualify their technology with Quantum offerings to ensure products are up to par for customers. The program also allows partners to access Quantum’s network of 12,000 resellers worldwide.

The Quantum Advantage Program offers early access to Quantum technology so partners can integrate key features and optimize performance ahead of new product releases. Partners can access a wide-range of Quantum products and technologies for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Quantum also provides training through the Advantage Program.

There are three membership levels to the Quantum Advantage Program: Advantage Partner, Advantage Preferred Partner and Advantage Premier Partner. Advantage Partners are recognized within the Quantum ecosystem for offering approved, validated solutions. Preferred Partners features engineering and business support, including Quantum resources and a broader level of awareness and training for technology partners’ technologies among the Quantum team and channel partners. Premier Partners receive the highest level of engineering and sales support, which includes dedicated technical and marketing resources, unique sales incentive programs and equipment at no cost to aid in current and future product development.