PVI launches automated image insertion system

Princeton Video Image (PVI) has launched a new automated downstream virtual insertion system for football broadcasts. Used a week ago during a CBS' live broadcast of SEC college football, the new technology allows the insertion of the virtual first down line without having staff and equipment onsite.

PVI said the new system makes Virtual First Down Line insertion a simpler and more cost-effective proposition for broadcasters. CBS agreed. “We have looked at many ways to bring the Virtual First Down Line to all of our viewers,” said Ken Aagaard, senior vice president, Operations, CBS Sports. “The promise of PVI's technology makes it possible for this enhancement to be available on all games in the near future.”

PVI has produced the virtual first down line for CBS Sports' National Football League broadcasts for the past three seasons and began inserting the line in the network's SEC broadcasts this season.

For more information visit www.princetonvideoimage.com.

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