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PSSI Utilizes C-Band to Transmit ‘The Match II’

(Image credit: PSSI)

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Helping to bring one of the first major live sporting events back to TV, PSSI Global Services used C-band transmission vehicles to provide primary and backup paths, data and internet via satellite for “The Match II” charity golf event.

PSSI worked with Turner Sports to provide C-band transmission and data services for the event. PSSI says that it provided 420 mbps of service simultaneously via four Eutelsat C-band satellite transponders and utilized earth stations at PSSI International Teleport to back up the Turner teleport due to bad weather on the day of the event.

There were two C-band transmission vehicles at the golf course that worked in collaboration with PIT to transmit two separate paths of video and 16 channels of audio from each of the vehicles. PSSI also provided 100 mbps of bidirectional data and 50 mbps of bidirectional internet.

All satellite capacity was provided by Eutelsat and accessed via PIT.

“The Match II” featured Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning playing against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady over Memorial Day weekend. The even raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief and drew 6.3 million viewers.

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