P+S TECHNIK unveils 16Digital SR Mag

The new P+S TECHNIK 16Digital SR Mag transforms an ARRI 16SR film camera into a digital cinematography camera, bridging the gap between the film and digital worlds

With the 16Digital SR Mag, an ARRI 16SR camera can shoot up to 60fps, with a sensor resolution of 1920 x 1080, to HD RAW files. Designed for versatility, the 16Digital SR Mag combines the intuitive user interface of film with fast and convenient digital workflow advantages.

The camera works as normal except for there's no film stock in the magazine. Rather, a digital device in the magazine allows the operator to shoot and digitally capture on set. The optical viewfinder remains intact, and users can use all of their 16mm PL mount lenses. Switching back and forth from film to digital is fast and easy because all changes are nondestructive and completely reversible.