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Pro-Bel adds Clarity to Morpheus automation

Pro-Bel now offers full support for the Pixel Power Clarity range of graphics systems from within its Morpheus automation system.

Morpheus offers supports the nonlinear playout of not only conventional material, but a wide range of multimedia and data-based content. The system is based on Pro-Bel’s MediaBall concept, allowing complex sequences of events to be packaged in a way that provides easy manipulation within a schedule.

Through tight integration of Morpheus’ device control and Clarity’s API, complex onscreen graphics can be created by scheduling individual elements as a series of automation events, or complete sequences can be packaged as MediaBalls. This streamlines the process and allows a far more pro-active graphics approach to be taken at the automation level.

Pixel Power’s Clarity is a family of multi-format, single and multichannel graphics systems designed for character generation, and still/clip store and animated graphics production and display. The products are available in combinations of SD/HD formats, with some Clarity models allowing users to simulcast SD and HD from a single system.

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