Prime Focus Technologies Opens Hybrid-Cloud Media Center in U.K.

(Image credit: PFT)

LONDON—Prime Focus Technologies is opening the doors to a new hybrid-cloud media center in Leeds, U.K., which will serve as the new national headquarters for Channel 4. Using the CLEAR Media ERP platform, the new facility will help manage Channel 4’s media processing and centralized content operations, including live simulcast and VOD services.

PFT and Channel 4 agreed to develop a new facility in 2019 and spent 2020 building it, including constructing it in line with social distancing norms and U.K. government guidelines for Covid-19.

The facility houses infrastructure for end-to-end supply chain management through SLA-driven media processing services powered by cloud-based workflows running on CLEAR.

The end-to-end content supply chain services offered include QC services; editing and remastering services; archive services; compliance and global re-versioning services; digital distribution services; and access to PFT’s Global Media Services pipeline, which includes localization services, re-mastering services and creative services.

The Leeds facility is now open and will employ more than 70 professionals, per PFT.