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Powell: Get Security Talks Beyond 'Bits of Paper'

Get beyond "bits of paper to working initiatives."

That's what FCC Chairman Michael Powell wants from broadcasters and other industry people working on plans to keep stations on the air or to recover quickly after a natural disaster or further terrorist attack.

The Media Security and Reliability Council has been re-chartered for another two years and met for the first time Wednesday. Members hope to build on the work of the previous MSRC.

"Stations need to set aside competitive instincts and move forward with real cooperation," said new MSRC Chairman David Barrett, president and chief executive officer of Hearst-Argyle Television.

Members want to develop example documents based on disaster recovery plans, vulnerability checklists and back-up carriage plans.

The first MRSC group found that 47% of TV, 71% cable outlets and 15% of radio surveyed had disaster recovery plans. The figures for stations that had actually rehearsed those plans were 17% of TV and 58% for cable and 7% for radio.

(from Radio World Online)