Popularity of HDMI grows

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) technology continued to lose ground in the consumer electronics market to High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), and is headed for losses in the PC market, according to In-Stat.

HDMI-enabled device shipments increased from 5 million in 2004 to 17.4 million in 2005, the market research firm said. DVI-enabled shipments are projected to reach less than 66 million in 2006, and then begin a steady decline.

A recent report by In-Stat found:

  • DVI should be completely out of the CE market by 2008.
  • HDMI has seen its initial success in digital televisions expand into other devices, including set-top boxes and DVD players and recorders.
  • DisplayPort and UDI represent less of a threat to HDMI than DVI.

The findings are from the “DVI & HDMI 2005: DVI Gloom, HDMI Boom, DisplayPort & UDI Loom” report from In-Stat.

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