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PlayBox partners with Playout247 for broadcast, IPTV solutions

PlayBox Technology has partnered with Playout247 to produce an advanced playout operation in the heart of London’s media communications industry. The operation supports 24 conventional satellite channels and 38 internet channels at full satellite broadcast quality and has proved the new state-of-the-art playout technologies resulting from a two-year development project.

Playout247 runs all channels continuously, 24/7, under two departments. One is for the satellite services where playlist schedules are delivered by the channels and used directly in the PlayBox playout automation workflow. This then provides all the essential operations from ingest through to playout and graphics as well as a scheduling solution that ensures the material is available in the AirBox playout servers ahead of schedule and is played to air on time. The second department is responsible for the IPTV/Internet TV division that operates in a similar way to the satellite channels, but the 38 channels are output on IP and delivered to the internet.

For the operation, Playout247 developed its own CDN (content delivery network), which, according to Matt Vidmar, chairman and CTO, “is really fine-tuned to deliver broadcast quality to broadband homes,” he said.

PlayBox continues to work with Playout247 to contribute to a totally IP-based broadcast data center, the basics of which have now been stress-tested with the existing channels.

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