Pixelworks Tells Investors to Watch 1080p

Despite a lingering void of 1080p production, monitors with that state-of-the art resolution will account for as much as 15 percent of flat-panel and MD RPTV sales in calendar year 2006, and may grow to nearly 30 percent in 2007, chipmaker Pixelworks, told investors at a recent confab.

Samsung (opens in new tab), Sony and Texas Instruments (TI) reportedly are among those leading the drive to expand sales of 1080p sets. So while 1080p came a bit late to the DTV party, it seems to be attracting a growing share of suitors. Pixelworks execs reportedly told investors that retailers are following suit by starting to incorporate 1080p benefits into their sales pitches.

TI and others had once downplayed 1080p because of a lack of suitable content, but according to published reports, enthusiasm for 1080p is growing as HD hardware, overall, has enjoyed sharp sales jumps in the past couple of years.