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Pixel Power, PinPoint Deliver 3D Graphics for US Open

Pixel Power, a broadcast graphics supplier, and PinPoint Visualisation, a provider of 3D broadcast environmental simulations, have collaborated to create sophisticated graphics for the USGA US Open Golf Tournament now underway in New York.

Pixel Power equipment uses data points created by the PinPoint system in creating precise information graphics with information on tourney players information, ball position, ball physics and more.

"As sports fans ourselves, we understand the desire for a broadcast experience that truly puts the viewer on the scene of the greatest events," said Martin Lloyd, broadcast general manager at PinPoint. "In many ways, the system we have deployed with Pixel Power for the US Open is even better than being there. The home viewer has information and visual cues to fully immerse them in the moment."

The combined technology creates an aesthetically pleasing presentation, and is adaptable to accommodate varying numbers of players and other changing data points.

"This solution sets a new high bar for informational sports graphics," said Pete Challinger, Pixel Power’s CEO. "PinPoint’s models are astoundingly accurate and beautiful to see. Extracting the data available in those models and using them to automate graphics creation with LogoVision enables the delivery of remarkably comprehensive insight and analysis."