Pinnacle to provide networked playout and graphics for Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group has selected Pinnacle Systems to provide the group's new networked infrastructure for both digital television program playout and centralized graphics production and distribution. Sinclair is installing seven FXDeko II character generators, standardizing on FXDeko II as its broadcast graphics platform and providing the foundation for Sinclair's centralized networked graphics operations.

The sale also includes five MediaStream 900si networked storage servers that Sinclair will use for DTV playout and eventual migration to high-definition broadcasting. Pinnacle FXDeko II character generators have been deployed at Sinclair's central broadcast facility in Hunt Valley, Maryland to deliver Sinclair's NewsCentral programming to Sinclair stations throughout the U.S. This enables Sinclair to produce its graphics once at a central location and then distribute graphics files to Sinclair stations throughout the U.S. where additional FXDeko II systems have been deployed for playout.

The FXDeko II systems also provide individual stations with the ability to create local graphics using the same templates produced by Sinclair's headquarters. When played to air, the centrally created templates ensure that locally produced segments mesh seamlessly with the national broadcast for a consistent on-air appearance.

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