Pinnacle Systems ships DEKO3000 for live HD graphics

Native HD graphics are now possible with Pinnacle Systems’s Deko3000 HD character generator

Pinnacle Systems is now begun shipping its Deko3000 HD character generator.

The system allows broadcasters to deliver a complete native HD production for sports, news and other live productions.

While many graphics systems upconvert SD graphics to HD, and as a result introduce flaws to the graphic, Deko3000 HD provides full native 720p and 1080i HD resolutions. Internal clip playback with key matte is standard, providing full design motion without buying a separate video server.

The graphics system offers a real-time Effects palette that lets the operator perform 2-D and 3-D animation on a page, a row, a layer, a word, a character -- even on details within a character to create on-demand shimmers and glows.

Rendered effects playback as designed, even as data is updated on the fly. Motions that affect the graphic – such as size, position, rotation, opacity or 3-D DVEs – are easy to create and adjust automatically to the length of the data.

Graphic artists use the same Deko user interface and workflow whether creating graphics in the 4:3 SD or 16:9 HD format.

The system is available immediately.

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