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Pinnacle Streamfactory now supports MPEG-4 and RealVideo 9 protocols

Continuing to improve its online streaming media product line, Pinnacle Systems’s latest version of StreamFactory has been optimized to deliver PacketVideo MPEG-4 and RealNetworks' RealVideo 9 encoded files to the Web and as well as to wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The StreamFactory version 2.5 featuring MPEG-4 and RealNetworks' RealVideo 9 encoding is now available. With StreamFactory's MultiStream capability users can encode up to four simultaneous streams, according to the company, in any combination of MPEG-4, RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime formats.

RealVideo 9, RealNetworks' latest video compression technology enables consumers to view high-quality, full-motion video using dial-up modems, VHS-quality starting at 160Kbps, and near-DVD-quality video with surround sound at a fraction of the bit rate of MPEG-2 technology.

In addition to the new encoding options, StreamFactory version 2.5 offers a new Save/Recall feature that enhances workflow by enabling users to save input and encoder settings for instant recall and application to new streaming projects. The graphics interface has been improved with a network browse window that lets the user find graphics quickly and easily without having to know the entire path name (as in previous versions). VOD applications will benefit from a new feature that enables RealVideo and Windows Media streams to be sent directly to an archive without first being sent to a server. This helps alleviate network congestion.

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