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Pinnacle announces availability of CineWave 4.5

Using CinéWave 4.5 on a dual-processor Macintosh G5 gives enables editors to correct uncompressed HD images in real-time with simultaneous SD downconvert.

Pinnacle Systems' CinéWave 4.5, the new version of its Apple Macintosh-based editing system for use with Final Cut Pro 4, is now available.

CinéWave 4.5 features new real-time, high-definition (HD) capabilities, 24-bit multi-track hardware enhanced audio support, desktop mirroring for multiple programs such as Apple Shake, and support for Apple RT Extreme. Pinnacle has upgraded to a 66 MHz bus interface on its PCI-X compatible Targa Ciné Engine for faster transfer speeds.

The Targa Ciné Engine delivers real-time performance for SD and HD to modern Power Macs. In addition, it offers exclusive CinéWave features including mixed formats within a timeline, 16-bit video, guaranteed support for up to five uncompressed real-time streams with multiple effects, real-time native RGBA support, real-time animation codec support, real-time HD (16:9), pan and scan downconvert with keyframeable controls to uncompressed SD (4:3), simultaneous live SD and HD outputs, and more.

Using CinéWave 4.5 on the latest dual processing Macintosh G5 gives editors the capacity to image correct uncompressed HD images in real-time with simultaneous SD downconvert. CinéWave's new, fully keyframeable real-time HD video controls include: phase for color adjustment, setup for adjusting black range, video levels for adjusting brightness, and chroma level for adjusting saturation.

Beyond video, CinéWave now offers hardware-enhanced audio features with full support for 24-bit multi-track audio. This enables users to take advantage of Steinberg Nuendo for audio mastering while simultaneously monitoring full quality SD and HD video.

The CinéWave 4.5 software upgrade and the new 66 MHz Targa Ciné Engine are available now.

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