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PGA Tour Productions Taps Miranda Kaleido-X for HD

PGA Tour Productions, a production company based in St. Augustine, Fla., that specializes in repackaging and re-transmitting feeds of sanctioned PGA Tour Golf Tournaments, has chose Miranda’s Kaleido-X multi-image display processor for its first HD production system.

The Kaleido-X monitoring system is configured with 48 inputs and feeds six large LCD displays (which have been installed to replace floor-to-ceiling SD CRT monitors). Four panels are used in PGA Tour Productions’ main video control room, and one large panel is used in the audio room. Another panel is located in the announce booth.

The Kaleido-X system allows sources to be repeated to multiple displays in a way similar to how a router operates—permitting sources to be displayed on an array of different monitors in separate rooms.

PGA Tour Productions says it covers various PGA Tour Tournaments up to 45 weeks per year.