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LAS VEGAS by way of PHILLY—Every year, Pete Putman goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and all his followers get are absolutely great photographs and a highly informed perspective. For the 2016 event, Putman captured images of the LG OLED wall, TCL’s warehouse-sized booth, the Innolux 8K LCD, Samsung’s 170-inch 4K LCD and many more. He provides the update on wired and wireless interfaces, as well as retro technology resurrected for the show. And then there was the sweets section...

“LG Display invites a few journalists up to what we call the ‘candy store’ to see the latest in display technology. And this year didn’t disappoint: How about dual-side 55-inch flexible OLED TVs just millimeters thick? Or a 25-inch waterfall (curved) display that could form the entire center console in a car, with flexible OLEDs in the dashboard creating bright, colorful, and contrasty gauges?”

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