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Personal TV and the Web look the same

Forrester Research has released new findings that describe the future of television. Called “Personal TV,” this new version of television is an on-demand experience that resembles the Internet’s Web with targeted advertising based on location and behavior.

All of this will arrive between 2012 and 2018, Forrester predicted. It will serve nonskippable, interactive targeted ads to the set-top box and insert them at runtime in both linear and video-on-demand programs.

Advertisers will use the system to send interactive ads just to their target consumers or to address a mass audience by inserting an ad at the same time in many different programs at a certain time of day. The benefit for viewers is a free VOD system.

Given the impact of this system on media strategy and planning, marketing leaders should begin now by joining one of the experiments, Forrester said.

The report is called “Personal TV: The Reinvention of Television.”

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