Pentagon Channel Contracts Myers for Broadcast Management

Myers Information Systems, a broadcast management company located in Northhampton, Mass., has been selected by The Pentagon Channel to provide support for the channel’s broadcast operations, says the head of the firm.

“We (Myers) just signed a deal to support their (The Pentagon Channel) broadcast operations with our ProTrack television application,” said Crist Myers, the company’s president and CEO. “We’re going to be doing all their program management as far as storing all their metadata” and help “with their traffic scheduling responsibilities, and ultimately their play out responsibilities,” he said, adding, “It’s (Myers’ duties) going to be everything from storing the information all the way to putting together schedules.”

Myers’ ProTrack TV system is a comprehensive broadcast management system for single, multi-channel and multi-station media facilities, according to the company. ProTrack TV provides “a high level of structure and flexibility, without sacrificing scalability,” the firm says. The tasks ProTrack is able to perform are:

  • Create and repurpose metadata.
  • Track and schedule interstitials.
  • Proxy sampling.
  • Template scheduling.
  • Integrate with automation.

Using ProTrack, “we’re going to take their (The Pentagon Channel’s) metadata for their content and store it in our system,” Myers said. Once all the metadata is in the system, it will be used to “feed their automation systems with what they are scheduling, then we’re going to be able to put together schedules based on that information,” he said.

When schedules are done, they can put interstitial material in a public service announcement, or any type of sponsorship that they might be involved in, Myers said. “Once we have that complete, we’ll have a broadcast log sent to automation for play out,” he said.

In addition, the company will be helping The Pentagon Channel with its move from Alexandria, Va. to Fort Meade, Maryland. “We’re going to do some work upfront and help them do their transition to their new facility,” Myers said. “We’re probably going to do some installation training at the end of June, and around July 15 (2011) we’ll help them transition to their new facility.”

-- J.J. Smith, Government Video