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Pebble Beach Systems, Blue Order prove perfect match for Plazamedia

German sports and media production group Plazamedia has chosen Pebble Beach Systems’ Neptune to automate its batch ingest facilities. Plazamedia’s eCenter, based in Munich, provides various archiving and tapeless production services to customers, using Media Archive from Blue Order. Customers with large volumes of tape require Plazamedia to provide mass ingest services, which are able to handle hundreds of cassettes and deliver encoding, cataloging and quality control in an efficient workflow. Working in conjunction with Media Archive, Neptune provides the automated control of VTRs, Sony cart machines and video servers.

Neptune’s installation at the eCenter will be the second collaboration between Pebble Beach Systems and Blue Order, the first being at YLE in Finland. Neptune offers third-party systems a wide range of flexible open protocols to enable the exchange of information for device control, metadata exchange, job lists and status reporting. The eCenter project will see Neptune and Media Archive use these protocols to deliver the end-to-end integrated workflow required by Plazamedia.

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