PBS Series ‘Wired Science’ Stirs it up With Sony XDCAM

The new PBS series “Wired Science” selected the SonyXDCAM HD professional disc system to capture its mix of topics, which includes news segments on health, physics and chemistry, interviews and scientific demonstrations. The optical disc-based system was used to shoot the show’s premiere season, which is currently airing.

The team, headed by Gordon Bell, vice president of engineering and operations at KCET-TV in Los Angeles, shot more than 300 hours of footage for the 10-week series using three Sony PDW-F350 HD optical camcorders.

Bell favored the camera for its small, lightweight design, SD/HD switchable recording and true 24p look, as well as special features like time lapse and slow shutter.

“The file-based nature of the PDW-F350 camcorder is a definite asset, making it possible to take a proxy file, flip it into the editing system, start editing immediately and eliminate the amount of digitizing time,” Bell said. “When we were in the field shooting, we could review thumbnails right there and reshoot if necessary.”

The “Wired Science” team also uses Sony’s HVR-V1U HDV professional camcorders to capture specific shots that required smaller or more mobile equipment.