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Panasonic to Cut Price Points on Plasma Models

Whether it's merely the next progression in the inevitable lowering of price points for HD products as the technology finds its way into the ubiquitous zone—or a marketing tool to goose up sales going into an otherwise typical down period prior to the onset of the holiday sales season, Panasonic says it will cut prices on two of its more popular-sized HD units starting now.

The planned series of price cuts affect select 46- and 42-inch plasma TV models.

At least three 46-inch models will have MSRP reduced by about $200 each (models TCP46S1, TCP46G10, TCP46G15). It also plans to lower the suggested price on its 42-inch 720p plasma model (TCP42X1) from $900 to $800.

The new lower prices will remain in force for the foreseeable future (Panasonic said this is not a sale, per se) and are not part of an instant-rebate marketing campaign that Panasonic held in the winter and spring.

Panasonic also plans to bundle some of its plasma HD sets with other HD/Blu-ray units, such as disc players, for additional pricing deals later this summer.