Panasonic settles on JPEG2000 for forthcoming 2K film-to-data processor

Panasonic is developing the AJ-HDP2000 2K film-to-data processor for the AJ-HD3700 D-5 HD universal mastering VTR.

To be used typically with a telecine system, the processor accepts 2K full-frame film, 2K or HD images and processes them for recording onto an AJ-HD3700 D-5 HD VTR for archive and distribution.

The AJ-HDP2000 is being developed in response to growth in 35mm digital intermediate (DI) processing. It uses JPEG2000 compression and 4:4:4 sampling to convert digitized film at a maximum of 188Mb/s data rate in 2K (2048) resolution as well as in HD (1920) resolution levels for recording to an AJ-HD3700 recorder. Maximum record time is 155 minutes at 24fps HD. The AJ-HDP2000 is expected to be available in the second half of next year.

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