Panasonic Sends Plasmas to Super Bowl 2005

To gear up for the 2005 Super Bowl, the ALLTEL Stadium in Jackonsonville, Fla. is being equipped with 294 Panasonic plasma displays.

During phase one of the stadium face lift, the 14,000-square-foot Bud Zone sports bar was built in a three-story space in the south end zone as well as the ADT Terrace Suite--a party suite complete with buffet dining, bar and seating. Ninety Panasonic 37-inch widescreen professional plasma displays were placed throughout the Bud Zone and ADT Terrace.

Phase two--completed before this NFL season's first kick off--included the interior renovation of all 90 private suites that have been equipped with Panasonic 42-inch widescreen HD plasma televisions. The East and West Crown Royal Touchdown Clubs now have 24 50-inch 16:9 professional HD plasma displays. Thirty-two 42-inch professional plasmas have been installed near dining areas inside each club. Fifty-two 37-inch plasma displays are also been placed in the vicinity of the main concession area.