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Panasonic introduces compact AJ-SD93 universal SDTV feeder deck

Panasonic has introduced the AJ-SD93, a new low-cost multi-format digital VTR suitable for standard-definition IEEE 1394-based editing applications.

Designed to offer a step up in robustness and quality compared to DV and DVCAM-based products, the AJ-SD93 is the first VTR costing less than $10,000 to facilitate 4:2:2 quality video transfers at 50Mb/s over IEE 1394 to nonlinear editing systems.

With optional analog and SDI inputs and outputs, the AJ-SD93 can record on medium or large DVCPRO cassettes, with a maximum record time of 184 minutes. It can play back DVCPRO50, DVCPRO), DV and DVCAM tapes. Designed for desktop and mobile applications with a side handle for easy carrying, the AJ-SD93 has a space-saving 3RU half-rack size, permitting side-by-side installation of the VTR and Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope or compact monitor in a single 3RU.

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