Panasonic Broadcast unveils portable HD projector

Panasonic's PT-L500U

Panasonic Broadcast announced the availability of its new PT-L500U, a portable LCD projector that reproduces images in high-definition (HD) video quality.

The PT-L500U’s has a high picture quality that is generated by three 1280x720 pixel, widescreen HD LCD panels. The projector is especially designed for smaller rooms since it can display a 100-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio image with a throw distance of just 10 feet using an extra short throw lens. The PT-L500 includes Smooth Screen technology to reduce “screen door effect” (black lines between pixels common in some LCD projectors).

“Cinema Works” picture enhancement LSI circuitry ultimately quadruples the number of displayable colors to more than 1 billion and over 1024 gray levels, automatically adjusts lamp brightness to the optimum level to match the characteristics of the picture in real time, adjusts video signal enhancement based on the difference in brightness of adjacent pixels, automatically detects an input signal from filmed material, and creates an optimum progressive scan display signal to assure faithful reproduction of the original image. The 6.4-pound PT-L500U is available now.

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