Panasonic Aids US Open 3D Coverage

Panasonic partnered with CBS and DirecTV in providing the first-ever 3D coverage of the recent US Open tennis event. The company also debuted its brand new 3D consumer camcorder at the 2010 US Open.

US Open events occurring on both weekends of the tournament’s two-week run were televised in 3D on DirecTV’s n3D channel, which is dedicated exclusively to 3DTV.

"We were very excited about bringing the first 3D broadcasts of the US Open into viewers' homes," said Ken Aagaard, executive vice president of engineering and production at CBS Sports. “The US Open offered us an opportunity to work within a much smaller field of play than we've seen with baseball, basketball and football and capture the nuances of the game of tennis from very unique perspectives. Panasonic's 3DA1 pro camcorder also provided us with just the tool we needed to fill the void in the on-court action by going into the crowds and capturing the behind-the-scenes tennis world in 3D as well.”

Panasonic was the official 3D HD TV sponsor of the US Open, and as part of the event, hosted the Panasonic 3D Gallery at the Louis Armstrong Stadium where fans could view 3D movies and programs, as well as watch themselves in 3D.