PanAmSat, INTELSAT and Iridium Satellite Modifications

PanAmSat has filed an application with the FCC to modify its application to launch and operate a satellite at 133 degrees west. The satellite, originally named Galaxy I(H), would become a C-band only satellite with the name Galaxy XV. PanAmSat also requested modification of its pending application for PAS-2R at 169 degrees East Longitude. Its name would change to PAS-4R and would use both C- and Ku-band frequencies.

The FCC granted INTELSAT authorization to allow the INTELSAT 602 satellite to operate at 50.5 degrees east, subject to several conditions.

In other satellite news last week, Astrolink International LLC surrendered its authorizations to launch and operate Ka-band satellites at 97 degrees west, 2 degrees east and 130 degrees east. Iridium 2 GHz LLC filed an application to modify its 2 GHz mobile satellite service (MSS) band satellite network authorization. It proposes to substitute a single geostationary satellite at 87.5 degrees west for the authorized system of 96 nongeostationary satellites. The new geostationary satellite would operate in the 2000-2020 MHz and 2180-2200 MHz MSS bands.

More details on the PanAmSat and Iridium applications are available in the FCC Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing - Report SAT-00177. Information on the INTELSAT and Astrolink actions can be found in the FCC International Bureau Actions Taken - Report SAT-00178.