Pai Seeks to Modernize FCC Processes With New Proposals

WASHINGTON—In his effort to continue the modernization and streamlining of the FCC’s process, the Commission’s Chairman Ajit Pai has developed a new pair of proposals.

The first proposal would continue the FCC’s efforts to move to electronic filing and correspondence in an effort to reduce its use of paper by fully transitioning the Universal Licensing System to an electronic format. Pai’s second proposal is meant to expedite hearing processes by expanding the use of written hearings.

“By transitioning more records and communications from paper to electronic format, we can save money and increase our efficiency,” said Pai. “And by streamlining our hearing rules, we can resolve disputes more quickly, which will benefit the private sector as well as the Commission. I hope that my colleagues will join me in supporting these good-government initiatives.”

No time table was given for these proposals to be accepted.