PacTV Boosts Satellite Capability With London Additions

LOS ANGELES—Pacific Television Center has spread its reach across the Atlantic, as the transmission and production company has added a new facility in London. Six 2.4-meter dishes have been added to the new facility, increasing PacTV’s global downlink capabilities by 24 percent.

PacTV's dish facility in London

Among the new dishes at the London facility are four that are fixed on EutelSat 7A/7B, EutelSat 10A, Hot Bird 13, IntelSat 10-02 and THOR 5/6/7. There are also two steerable dishes with an arc ranging from 37.5 degrees West to 45 degrees East. Satellites included in this range include Amos 2/3, Astra 2, Hispasat 1D/1E, EutelSat 5W (Ku), EutelSat 8 and NSS-7. Steerable downlinks are available at an additional charge.

With these new dishes, PacTV London can see THOR at .8 degrees West and Ku satellites from Telstar 11 at 37 degrees West to Intelsat-12 at 45 degrees. PacTV also has dish facilities at its headquarters in Los Angeles, which can see C/Ku satellites from Galaxy 11 at 55 degrees West to AMC-8 at 139 degrees West, and its East Singapore location, which has the capability to see IS-20 at 68.5 degrees East, Apstar-7 at 76.5 degrees East, Thaicom-5 at 78.5 degrees East, Measat-3 at 91.5 degrees East, Asiasat-5 at 100.5 degrees East, Chinasat-6B at 115.5 degrees East and IS-19 at 166 degrees East.

PacTV’s DOD service has been operational since 2012, with its East Singapore locations, which is part of a strategic alliance with MediaCorp, having launched in 2014.