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Pact to create low-cost printable flat screen displays

A new pact between DuPont Displays and Universal Display has been initiated to jointly develop a new generation of inexpensive, phosphorescent, printable OLEDs for flat-panel displays.

DuPont Displays, a business unit of DuPont and a leading developer and manufacturer of polymer organic light emitting diode (polymer OLED) displays, has joined forces with Universal Display Corporation (UDC), a major innovator of OLED technologies. The two companies said they would create a new generation of soluble OLED materials and technology.

Based on groundbreaking work in phosphorescent OLED technology by UDC and expertise in solution-based processing by DuPont, it is expected that the new OLED materials developed by the companies will have significant performance and cost advantages, thus enabling OLEDs to capture an increased market share in the fast growing $30 billion flat-panel display market. The collaborators expect to use a third party subcontractor to manufacture materials resulting from this agreement.

For more information visit and www.universaldisplay.

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