OSU Says its New UWB Radar System Won't Interfere With TV

According to a recent Ohio State University (OSU) Research News item, Stealth Radar System Sees Through Trees, Walls -- Undetected, Ohio State University engineers have invented a radar system that is virtually undetectable because its signal resembles random noise.

Eric K. Walton, senior research scientist in OSU's ElectroScience Laboratory, explained, "Almost all radio receivers in the world are designed to eliminate random noise, so that they can clearly receive the signal they're looking for," Walton said. "Radio receivers could search for this radar signal and they wouldn't find it. It also won't interfere with TV, radio, or other communication signals. It doesn't interfere because it has a bandwidth that is thousands of times broader than the signals it might otherwise interfere with. The radar can be tuned to penetrate solid walls -- just like the waves that transmit radio and TV signals -- so the military could spot enemy soldiers inside a building without the radar signal being detected." Walton also said the invention could be used by traffic police to measure vehicle speed without setting off drivers' radar detectors.

The OSU release said that the components for the system cost less than $100. The university is expected to license the patented radar system.

For an interesting overview of research at OSU's ElectroScience Laboratory, visit its Web site.