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Orad upgrades graphics rendering platform

Orad of Israel will introduce the HDVG+, the second generation of its HDVG graphics rendering platform, at IBC. The HDVG+ uses 64-bit processing with significantly increased rendering power, while having 16GB of RAM on board to support heavier and more complex graphic scenes. The HDVG+ takes advantage of the latest Intel motherboard and is based on hyper-threaded multicore CPUs to achieve the greater computing power. The render engine also incorporates the latest NVIDIA graphics board, which greatly improves the real-time performance of the system.

The HDVG+ will become available across Orad's entire range of real-time graphics systems including its ProSet virtual studio, Maestro graphics suite, 3DPlay channel branding system, Interact interactive graphic system and PowerWall, Orad's video wall display system.

The HDVG+ benefits from Orad's render engine's latest feature set, including time line triggers, that with its dynamic logic engine further enhances the graphic scene's intelligence without requiring scripting. Other new features such as real-time shadows, hard mask shadows and cubic mapping take the scene's photorealism to a new level.