Orad offers PlayMaker slow-motion server

Orad Hi-Tec Systems is now marketing a new SD/HD, multichannel, slow-motion video server called PlayMaker that provides high-quality ingest, synchronized slow-motion replay and a variety of playlist editing tools. The unit’s RAID 6 configuration, dual power supply and Linux operating system make it designed for live sports production.

PlayMaker features a “smart” controller that enables operators to perform playlist and clip management functions with on-the-fly clip tagging and sorting tools. Touch-screen technology enables faster and simpler operation, and its dedicated communication protocol provides the operator with instant response to controller commands and reliable operation.

PlayMaker uses the JPEG2000 codec, which provides high efficiency in quality/bit rate ratio and greater error resilience compared to other intraframe compression codecs, such as M-JPEG or I-frame MPEG.

PlayMaker's disk capacity provides more than 60 hours in HD (at 100Mb/s) and more than 120 hours in SD mode (at 50Mb/s). PlayMaker also offers up to eight (four stereo) audio channels that can be recorded on each video input as uncompressed data. PlayMaker's output provides a clean and dirty output with on-screen display of relevant information of the system's status.