Optibase finds success in video over IP services

The Advanced Technologies and Technical Resources (ATTRI), a local cable TV provider serving the Flora, Ill. Area, has deployed Optibase's MGW 5100 – a TV streaming platform in a digital head-end – to deliver live TV programming.

ATTRI cooperated with the Wabash Telephone Cooperative to build a new digital TV head-end that enables the delivery of an IP-based package consisting of 150 digital TV and music channels, along with traditional telephony and broadband Internet access services. Optibase’s MGW 5100 serves as the heart of the integrated communications package.

With Optibase's MGW 5100 carrier-grade TV streaming platform, ATTRI and the Wabash Telephone Cooperative now have the ability to offer a full breadth of broadband services, including streaming broadcast TV. Digital subscribers to this Illinois cooperative can receive multiple high-quality TV channels, simultaneously, over their telephone line.

As most of the access lines in the Southern Illinois area are ADSL (Asynchronous DSL) based, ATTRI had to utilize a platform that would be able to maintain high quality picture at very low bit rates. The output stream format had to be either IP or ATM based in order to support various access providers and lastly, the option for migration and expansion to the Windows Media format had to be made viable.

Located at the digital head-end, a single MGW 5100 unit can transmit up to 36 video channels. The material is encoded in low bitrate MPEG-2 and transported over Wabash’s ADSL network. The platform is designed to support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Windows Media video formats.

For further information visit www.optibase.com.

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