OpenTV Unveils Advanced HTML Solutions For iTV

iTV company OpenTV recently unveiled a suite of HTML-based products that transform Internet content into iTV applications. The new products use OpenTV's Core middleware platform, H2O and HTML Package 2.0, combining existing Web application server infrastructure, tools and technologies to create TV-centric, interactive content on a range of set-top boxes.

H2O is a client-server system for thin set-top boxes that can't support an embedded Web browser. The H2O server converts online content authored in HTML and JavaScript into iTV applications, which are then broadcast to set-top boxes powered by Core middleware. H2O also supports common Web authoring tools. HTML Package 2.0, integrated with Core middleware on "thick" set-top boxes, is the newest version of the company's client-side embedded Web browser that enables TV-centric interactive applications on television. Additional enhancements are planned to allow content providers to "push" HTML content directly to set-top boxes using broadcast technologies, as well as to "pull" content via broadband connection.

An OpenTV official said the releases allow the company to deliver a powerful HTML solution on thin boxes, offer an embedded Web browser that supports the latest HTML standards for thick set-tops, which creates the capability for a more TV-centric interactive experience and enable developers to use standard HTML tools to author iTV content and applications while using the broadcast-quality capabilities of Core middleware.