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One-third of local U.S. TV stations have adopted HD; auto, retail HD ads growing, John Roland says

As of the fourth quarter of last year, 34 percent of local TV stations in the United States had adopted HDTV, and there was a growing rate of HD adoption in a couple of key advertising categories during the quarter as well.

Those are two of the most important takeaways from the latest “HD Advertising Trends Report” from Extreme Reach. Extreme Reach, which among other things provides an online network for delivery of commercial content to broadcasters, is in a unique position to assess where HD stands among advertisers, local broadcasters, broadcast networks, local cable operators and national cable networks.

The report, based on compilation of data from 7500 TV client brands, production companies and broadcast destinations, reveals that two vertical advertising categories, retail and automotive, saw the greatest growth in HD adoption during the last quarter of 2010.

In this podcast interview, company CEO John Roland discusses the likely reasons for growth in these two categories, the state of HD adoption by local broadcasters and where 3-D TV is today and may be headed in the future.