ONE Media Reports Successful Demo of Next-Gen Transmission Platform

AUSTIN, TEXAS— In the first complete system test of its Next Generation Broadcast Platform, ONE Media announced today successful results in transmitting fixed, mobile and data services to set-top and tablet devices. Testing of signaling, bandwidth and robustness variability, Doppler and impaired transmission environment performance are just of few of the parameters tested and passed by various ‘parameterized waveforms’ unique to this platform.

The Austin demonstration confirmed the capability to deliver flexible waveforms carrying video and other streams of IP data into a development platform and operate as a gateway to serve multiple mobile devices.

“Rather than designing a broadcast television specific standard, ONE Media’s approach is to deploy an IP service agnostic platform which supports full 4K UltraHD and mobile broadcast television and also supports new one to many data distribution services, essentially future proofing broadcasters flexibility to meet future market demands,” said Kevin Gage, ONE Media’s executive vice president and chief technology officer.

ONE Media’s intelligent, managed “IP Core” centric network architecture addresses today’s data-driven requirements of a flexible, heterogeneous broadband world.

“Developing the ONE Media platform to this stage in under five months demonstrates the power of our parallel team approach with a powerful development platform. The flexibility of our technology to optimize the rich set of parameters broadcasters can employ to finely tune broadcast services that meet their needs can now be demonstrated,” Gage said.

The ONE Media standard can be configured to deliver robust and high data bandwidth to carry high-definition signals to fast and slow-moving mobile devices (vehicles and pedestrians) along with deep indoor fixed receiver reception and, at the same time, supply 4K UltraHD to traditional ‘over-the-air’ antenna connected TV devices.

Full, 24-hour, over-the-air testing of the ONE Media system will commence at the newly commissioned Austin transmission facilities by year-end.

“These real-world verification demonstrations will be critical in establishing the suitability of ONE Media’s broadcast transmission platform as designed by and for U.S. broadcasters,” ONE Media’s President Tommy Eng said.

In cutting its development time by more than a half to successfully test this phase of the platform, ONE Media has accelerated its timetable to bring the system for full consideration by broadcasters and equipment manufacturers.

“This accelerated development highlights our uniquely flexible approach,” Eng said. “Our NGBP approach opens multiple business opportunities for broadcasters while significantly enhancing the core TV service.”

The rapid development of NGBP will verify its operational capabilities and provide confirmation of performance to the Advanced Television Standards Committee as it considers adoption of a new standard.

Gage noted that, “Early adoption of the ONE Media proposal by the ATSC will align the U.S. broadcasters’ goal of coinciding adoption of a NGBP with the repack of the broadcasters’ remaining channels after completion of the spectrum auction and channel repack. That means an efficient and easier conversion for broadcasters and viewers.”