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On Sight makes stereoscopic 3-D system available for on-set producers

UK-based On Sight, a production services company specializing in stereo 3-D equipment, rental and post-production services, has purchased an SGO Mistika Live system to add to its inventory. Mistika Live enables SGO’s stereoscopic and color-correction tools to be taken on-set to either provide previsualization and preliminary post-production settings or to be used in a live setting. It allows for shooting adjustments to be made in real time as well as the creation of dailies, media files and editorial.

With two dedicated Mistika 4K post-production suites already installed at On Sight, Mistika Live will enable On Sight to offer a complete production solution for its 2-D and 3-D projects.

Mistika Live’s stereoscopic geometry and color-correction tools can be used on-set as a preview facility, while shooting or in a live environment where camera feeds are corrected on the fly. Taking a stereo feed from dual HD-SDI inputs, Mistika Live makes geometry adjustments to match the stereo camera lineup as well as matches color. The result can be viewed in real time, live and in 3-D. Mistika Live also allows simple convergence shifts, which are normally corrected in the post-production phase, to happen live on-set, thus making the shots easier to evaluate at the time.

Mistika Live also allows for additional color corrections, with or without the use of an LUT to correctly transform the cameras’ outputs. The feeds to Mistika Live and its corrections can be maintained as HD MPEG-4 dailies. These can then either be used for reference or edited together on the Mistika Live timeline to convey the progress and status of the production as well as highlight any other stereoscopic issues that might affect the edit. All corrections can then be exported to a Mistika post-production system.