Omneon to debut ClipTool Pro

At NAB, Omneon Video Networks will showcase its new ClipTool Pro application, which enables users of the Omneon Spectrum media server to monitor and control playout and record functionality via a graphical user interface.

ClipTool Pro, part of Omneon's MediaTools application, was designed to provide simple, familiar VTR-like control surface for ingest, quality assurance, and playout operations. It provides agile, precise manual record and playout control with basic and advanced functionality ranging from displaying sortable listings of clips to “crash record” capability.

Simple on-screen buttons for jog and shuttle functions enable quick movement through a clip, making it easier for users to find specific frames for marking in and out points.

The instant crash record feature streamlines the manual ingest process and allows for a fast response when needed to record incoming material. Automatic naming of files in this mode allows for multiple open-ended records in rapid succession.

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