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Olympics first: 2012 Summer Games stream live on your iPhone and iPad

Looking for your Olympics fix? Look no further than NBC’s new iOS app. Want to see all 302 medal events on your mobile TV device? Looking to actually watch events live as they happen? How about 3500 hours of coverage? Get ready for the year that the Olympics appear on your mobile TV device like never before.

In addition to streaming all the events live on its website, NBC will be streaming live events as they happen via two new apps available for the iPhone and iPad. While it is fun to watch the packaged version that will play on NBC nightly, true sports fans, or maybe fans that can’t wait, will be able to watch events live as they happen via mobile.

And it’s all free; there is no catch. OK ... Actually there is one catch. Not unlike apps from Time Warner cable and HBO, you have to verify that you are subscribed to a cable or satellite provider that includes CNBC and MSNBC. Apparently, NBC fans with a plain old antenna need not apply; you have to be paying actual money to watch the coverage on your device. But as long as you are a subscriber, 3500 hours of coverage is all yours and all free.

The biggest change is that unlike previous years, viewers on mobile or the web will not have to watch delayed events. This time, it will all be live as it happens. This will be tremendous news for Olympics fans who want to see history as it happens.

The apps are available now for free in the iTunes store. Go grab “NBC Olympics” and “NBC Olympics Live Extra” and get ready to tune in to the most mobile TV-centric Olympics in history.