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Oklahoma Educational Television expands Omneon server capacity

The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), a PBS affiliate based in Oklahoma City, has expanded its new Omneon Spectrum SD/HD media server system to gain more functionality and control over its programs.

OETA added Omneon's ConformTool, enabling seamless integration of its Avid editing systems. It first installed an Omneon Spectrum server system at its Oklahoma City facilities in 2005, and in 2006 the facility added HD capability, along with additional channels and storage.

The server system runs under the control of a Sundance Digital Titan automation system. The new implementation of Omneon's ConformTool integrates OETA's storage and editing systems more tightly by streamlining the transfer of files between the Spectrum server and Avid systems.

OETA's Spectrum server configuration today provides a total of 24 channels and 13TB of storage. The system supports playout of programming for six channels, on-air 24 hours a day, with both PBS national and locally produced programs geared to viewers across Oklahoma. The integration of the server with OETA's editing system allows for promo creation and editing of programs.

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